Boundary + Start Time Committee

Our Goal 
Enhance student learning and wellness by reviewing and making necessary adjustments to start times and school boundaries.

Ridgefield School Board of Directors - approves Boundary & Start Time Proposal (4/10/2018).


The committee has decided that the elementary school boundaries need to be adjusted in order to balance student population as the Ridgefield School District continues to grow. You can view a more detailed boundary map proposal through links to the left.

The committee has also decided that minor adjustments to school start times are necessary to reflect the CORE values expressed by our community (via survey data). The following reflects the proposed school hours beginning in 2018/19.

8:00 - 2:45        Ridgefield High School

8:05 - 2:35        View Ridge Middle School

           Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

9:05 - 3:35       Union Ridge Elementary School

                              South Ridge Elementary School