The Great Kindness Challenge
The Great Kindness Challenge
Marianne Mack
Friday, January 11, 2019

The Great Kindness Challenge

Monday - Mini kick off assemblies first thing in the morning in the gym.  Hand out bracelets to each student.  Talk about the Kindness Checklist. 

Tuesday- Tied Together by Kindness - Wear a Tie

Wednesday- Crazy for Kindness- Crazy Hair Day

Thursday-  Makin’ it Rain With Kindness - Wear a Hat

Friday- Kindness is the Tater Tot Way - Wear Union Ridge gear or Orange and Blue

Recess Activities - Students can make cards, bookmarks, and bucket filler bulletin board and wish tree bulletin board. Please let Kari or I know if you have a parent that would like to help with this.

Friday, February 1st - Kindness Challenge Assembly-9:30