The Great Kindness Challenge
The Great Kindness Challenge
Marianne Mack
Friday, January 11, 2019

The Great Kindness Challenge

January 8th

Intro to Staff


January 28th

Kick Off for Students:

We will be having “mini-assemblies” first thing in the morning in each gym as kids wait for school to start.

Please be in the gym promptly at 9:00 AM to help be part of the enthusiasm.  Kari will lead the 3-4 group and Sara will do the k-2 group.


We will be handing out bracelets after our intro on Jan 28th to teachers to pass out immediately. Students and staff will challenged to wear the bracelets everyday during the week long challenge.

The Great Challenge Checklist

Teachers pass out and hype up the checklist before the end of day on Jan. 28th.

Here is a link if you lost your copy that is attached to this sheet.


Daily Spirit Days

Tuesday-Tied Together by Kindness

               Wear a Tie

Wednesday- Crazy for Kindness

                Crazy Hair Day

Thursday-  Makin’ it Rain With Kindness

                 Wear a Hat

Friday- Kindness is the Tater Tot Way

            Wear Union Ridge gear or Orange


There will be no count or spirit trophy.

Recess Activities

(Tues, Wed, Thurs during lunch recess.)

Students can make cards, bookmarks, and bucket filler bulletin board and wish tree bulletin board. Please let Kari or I know if you have a parent that would like to help with this.

February 1st

Kindness Challenge Assembly-9:30

Culminating Installation-

Art Installation-Wall Mural privilege if you did all 50 acts of kindness.  (or 12 for K-1) It would be awesome if the art teachers could take this on.