District Goal 1

Achieve high outcomes through quality instruction, personalized learning, and continuous improvement resulting in success for every student.


  • Deliver an articulated and challenging K-12 curriculum, aligned to state standards, and taught with fidelity that ensures academic success for every student.
  • Staff will develop School Improvement Plan (SIP) goals and strategies to ensure continuous increases in student learning.
  • Staff will analyze multiple assessment measures to inform instructional decision-making, track student progress, and ensure every student meets or exceeds expected growth.
  • Staff will provide additional instructional support to any student falling below growth expectations.
  • Align resources for classroom support, professional development, and implementation of best practices that are proven to increase success for all students.
  • Explore and develop flexible learning environments (time, place and pace) that require students to apply academic knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary in future careers and support personalized experiences for all students.
  • Effectively integrate technology practices to optimize and enhance student learning.
  • Staff will inform and counsel every student in developing a career, college and life goals pathway necessary for obtaining the goal.


  • All students will make at least a year's growth in a year's time.
  • All 2nd grade students will be reading at grade level by the end of the year.
  • Top district performance or within 5 percentage points of the highest in state assessment data.
  • Multiple programs will be available for personalized learning opportunities.
  • All secondary students will have an identified career, college and life goals pathway.
  • Each school will have an established system to help struggling learners.
  • Identified school improvement plan goals will be met annually.
  • Graduate follow-up survey will indicate a continuously increasing percentage of students successfully implementing post- secondary pathway choice.