About Our Ridgefield School Bond

We have the opportunity to modernize our classrooms, invest in vocational education, reduce chronic overcrowding, and keep kids and teachers safe at school.

100% of the Bond funds go directly to needed updates to our schools and includes the following:

  • Reduce overcrowding by building a new K-4 elementary school
  • Renovate and modernize vocational education training spaces
  • Improve student access to modern STEM programs
  • Replace at least 20 temporary, less secure and inefficient portable classrooms with permanent classrooms
  • Secure entry points including new security cameras and locking systems
  • Covered play at all elementary schools
  • Install new HVAC systems at elementary schools to enhance student and staff comfort and health

This is a smart investment with a track record of success.

Learn more or get involved at citizensforridgefieldschools.com

It is Time to Reinvest in our Vocational Programs