Technology Department

The Ridgefield School District Technology Department consists of one Director, one Computer Network Technician and two Technology Support Specialists.

The district network includes 4 campuses; the high school, middle school, and 2 elementary schools.  The high school is the center of the district network and connects to the 3 outlying schools via a 10Gbps fiber WAN.  The vast majority of network locations in the schools 1Gbps connections.  The district also has an 802.11n wireless system fully covering all schools with plans to upgrade to a new wireless 802.11ac system.  Internet connectivity for the district is provided by the K20 network via the high school.  Bandwidth available to the Internet is currently 500Mbps.

Ridgefield School District has invested heavily in Chromebooks for student use.  The first major deployment of Chromebooks began in February of 2014 when 530 were installed in 17 carts for elementary grades 3 and 5.  Since that time the total number of Chromebooks has increased to over 3,000.  The district now has 1:1 in-class Chromebooks in grades 3-8.  We plan to expand Chromebook deployments significantly in the high school in the next phase.