This is a message regarding the drop off and pick up procedure for Sunset Ridge Intermediate and View Ridge Middle school students.

  • Please use the curbside lane to drop off/pick up your student during AM & PM drop off and pick up times. Leaving your vehicle unattended in the drop off lane for any length of time is a hazard due to this being a fire lane.
  • Please use the parking lot to park your vehicle and escort your student across the crosswalk. We appreciate you not dropping your student off and letting your student cross the parking lot area by themselves.
  • Please use the parking spaces to park your vehicle and walk into the office (located on the View Ridge Entry side) when you need to come into the building to pick up your student early or drop items off in the office.
  • Please use the Handicap Parking Spaces available with your valid handicap permit. We appreciate you being mindful when it comes to parking near the handicap parking spaces so that these spaces are not blocked but readily available to be used by families who need to use them.

We appreciate you partnering with us to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible.