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2019 Boys' 7th Grade Team
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Thurs. Jan. 3rdAll participantsTry- Outs beginView Ridge Gym3:30 - 5:30NA
Wed. Jan. 16thVR A, 7th, 8thLa CenterView Ridge Gyms4, 4, 5 pmNA
Thurs. Jan. 17thVR Blended IntersquadVR BlendedView Ridge Den3:303:00 pm
Wed. Jan. 23rdVR B, 7th, 8thHockinsonHockinson MS4, 4,5 pm3:00 pm
Tues. Jan. 29th7th, 8thCastle RockView Ridge Nest4, 5 pmNA
VR C, VR ACastle Rock/C CrView Ridge Den4, 5 pmNA
Wed.  Jan. 30thVR B, 7th, 8thKing's WayKing's Way3:30, 4:30, 5:30 pm2:35 pm
Mon. Feb. 4th7th, 8thWoodlandWoodland MS4, 5 pm3:10 pm
VR C, VR AWoodlandWoodland MS
yellow gym
4, 5 pm3:10 pm
Wed. Feb. 6thVR B, 7th, 8thLa CenterLa Center4, 5, 6 pm

3:15 pm
VR AHockinsonHockinson4 pm3:00 pm
Mon.  Feb. 11thVR C, 7th, 8thHockinsonView Ridge Gyms4, 4, 5 pmNA
Tues. Feb 12thAll TeamsPicturesAll Teams3:00 pmNA
Wed. Feb. 13th7th, 8thCastle RockCastle Rock MS3:30, 4:30 pm2:35 pm
VR ACastle RockCastle Rock Elem.3:302:35 pm
due to weather
VR BCanyon CreekCanyon Creek4 pm2:35 pm
Thurs. Feb. 14th7th, 8thKing's WayView Ridge Nest4, 5 pmNA
VR C, VR AKing's Way/JemtegaardView Ridge Den4, 5 pmNA
Tues. Feb. 19thVR B, VR CJemtegaardJemtegaard4, 5 pm2:45 pm
Thurs. Feb. 21st7th, 8thWoodlandView Ridge Nest4, 5 pmNA
VR C, VR BWoodlandView Ridge Den4, 5 pmNA
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View Ridge BlendedA, B, C teams playin the Den
*Schedule is subjectto change*