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School Counseling Services 


Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom lessons address important preventative and development topics including test anxiety, academic skills, career and college, among others. Topics are determined by school needs.  


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered on a short term basis for a variety of student concerns that may affect them academically.  Students may see a school counselor for a variety of reasons including: stress, bullying, organization, family changes, conflict resolution, and more. 


Small Groups

Small groups provide additional learning experiences, giving students the options to build relationships, practice new skills, and more. 

My current groups are Lunch bunch during 1st and 2nd lunches. Stop by during lunch if you would like to join.



Consultation with teachers and parents is a critical part of a School Counselor's role.  I am here to help advocate for student success.  I can help locate services in the community to address students' needs.


Referral Process

Parents can email or call me directly to discuss their student's needs.  Students can also talk to me directly.  If I am not in my office, please leave a note.