All of 8th grader Angel Euyoque's teachers agree he is a wonderful student, coming to school prepared to learn, with a positive attitude and is sweet and kind to everyone. Angel helps other students with their math work by modeling the answer, and he has a great sense of humor!

- February Student of the Month


8th grader Luisa Sunia has an unwavering commitment to her studies and she consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership skills. She not only excels in her coursework but also actively engages in collaborative projects and encourages her peers to strive for excellence.

- December Student of the Month

Isabelle November student of the month

7th grader Isabelle Yost has a natural curiosity and positive outlook that help her to always see the bright side. She is a great leader, genuine, inquisitive, reflective and thoughtful. She is quick to participate in classroom activities.

- November Student of the Month


8th grader Violet James is a staple in our community, consistently showing her positive impact in the classroom, in extracurricular events, and throughout her leadership endeavors. Every day she meets all students and staff with a smile and a can-do attitude.

- October Student of the Month


Bobbe Whetsell has three decades of unwavering dedication to teaching excellence, which has positively impacted countless students. She has created a diverse and long lasting Choir program with many successes at the state level with individual and group performances.

- October District Staff Member of the Month