Kai Robinson is a delight to have in class. His positive attitude and willingness to get involved add so much to the culture of our class and SRIS. He is a great example of a dedicated learner.

- March Student of the Month


6th grader Sebastian Bermudez is one of a kind. He is funny, creative, thoughtful, and respectful. He works so hard and takes pride in doing his best. Sebastian is very masterful in taking what he has learned and applying it to new learning.

- February Student of the Month


6th grader Lyon Geissal is a solid leader and eager to be an inclusive and welcoming friend. If he sees a peer with limited English struggling to communicate it does not stop him from being a friendly advocate and supportive guide working to create a safe place.

- December Student of the Month

Claire November student of the month

6th grader Claire Warren is an extremely hardworking student who will go out of her way to help someone or to show friendship and kindness when someone is having a hard day. She always gives her best effort and works very hard to be successful.

- November Student of the Month


6th grader Donna Kennedy embodies curiosity, a growth mindset, and consistent, positive effort towards learning and friendship. She always shows kindness to other students and is able to empathize with her peers.

- October Student of the Month


Bobbe Whetsell has three decades of unwavering dedication to teaching excellence, which has positively impacted countless students. She has created a diverse and long lasting Choir program with many successes at the state level with individual and group performances.

- October District Staff Member of the Month