Natalie Evans consistently demonstrates responsibility, hard work and determination. She displays exemplary leadership skills in National Honor Society and DECA and a strong sense of school spirit and passion in ASB. As our 1st female baseball player she is breaking barriers!

- March Student of the Month


Senior Julian Aguilar-Mendoza, is driven and persistent, diligent and responsible. Moving here only 5 months ago he has integrated himself into the RHS community with his outgoing personality and respect for all. Julian was the first senior to complete his high school and beyond plan!

- February Student of the Month


Not only does Natalie Braunstein excel in the classroom, currently taking 3 AP classes, but she is also a crucial member of the girls Bowling team. “Natalie is the foundation of our team. She is supportive of her teammates and brings out the best in them," Coach Black.

- December Student of the Month

Tula November student of the month

Students, staff, teachers, coaches- they all agree that Junior Tula Gervais is a model student and athlete. Tula is fluent in Spanish and willingly helps new-to-our-school, non-English speaking students find their way around our campus and to their classes.

- November Student of the Month

Ben Eavenson District Staff of the month

Ben Eavenson comes to work with both joy and enthusiasm, and a skill-set of knowledge and patience that benefits everyone that comes in contact with him. Ben is a true team player and advocate for students and that extends outside the classroom as well.

- November District Staff Member of the Month

Dillon Trussler

Senior Dillon Trussler is enthusiastic about school, respectful to everyone, and encouraging and supportive of his classmates. DJ loves the school spirit shown by the Spudders during sporting events, school send-offs at the round-a-bout, or during assemblies.

- October Student of the Month