Limited in-person Instruction (for Kindergarten only) starts Monday, November 30 when the first group of kindergarteners arrive at school for orientation to an in-person instructional model.

Before your child arrives on campus, please be sure to complete their Wellness Screening Attestation form (which consists of two important Yes/No questions).  This will be required each day your child attends school in-person.

Use Skyward Family Access via web or the Skyward Mobile App to complete the form and submit.  We have provided the following links that provide step-by-step instructions in completing the Wellness Screening form:

Wellness Screening - Skyward Family Access

Wellness Screening - Skyward Mobile App

Each time you submit a Wellness Screening Attestation Form, you will receive a message containing guidance about sending your child to school.  For the safety of everyone engaged in in-person learning inside school buildings, it will be important to follow the guidance that the message provides.

Submitting your child’s Wellness Screening Attestation form daily is an important step towards keeping everyone safe at school.  Thank you for your cooperation!