RSD Employee of the Month

With 30 plus years of experience, Peggy Horne is a well-seasoned teacher with much expertise.  She is dedicated and passionate.  When given the chance to “sit back and relax” and let things slide, her dedication only grows with time and experience.  Peggy has a remarkable willingness to bring others into her first-grade classroom and to learn new things IF it benefits her students.  Whether spending endless hours in the summer training to learn new technologies for remote learning or collaborating with support staff in creating behavior support plans, she is open-minded and is willing to take on the challenge.  Peggy consistently and steadily maintains high expectations for her students.  By focusing on their emotional development and by building social connections and community through engaging classroom activities such as a weekly lunch bunch, she has been able to meet 100% current regular attendance in her classroom. Peggy’s energy is amazing; her laugh lights up the room.  She is serious about student learning but can laugh at herself and is the adult epitome of having a growth mindset.  For these reasons, Union Ridge Elementary is proud to recognize Peggy Horne for Ridgefield School District Employee of the Month for December.