Student of the Month

Madeline Fredricksen, a first grader, was selected at Union Ridge Elementary.  Madeline has done a fabulous job while learning remotely.  She attends all of her classes, plus goes to an additional class with Mr. Fisher.  When she is learning on Zoom, she is very attentive and engaged.  She always has things to say about what the class is learning and does her personal best work.  Madeline is also kind.  On Zoom, the teacher has seen Madeline telling others “good job” or “that’s a good idea.”  She also listens to others and takes her turn.  Lastly, Madeline attends the classroom’s weekly Lunch Bunch on Mondays.  She is very animated during this time, sharing about herself and the things that she loves—unicorns and Frozen.  The best part is when she gives the Lunch Bunch group a concert on her recorder or some other instrument every week.  With that said, it is an honor to nominate Madeline for the Student of the Month.