Sage Curtis, kindergarten, is the May student of the month

Sage has earned this title because she demonstrates the Three Rs daily. Sage is Responsible. She follows classroom and schoolwide expectations. For example, she sits on the carpet ready to listen and learn without being asked. Sage sets a great example for her fellow students. She is respectful and uses whole body listening when friends are sharing their thoughts or when teachers are instructing. Sage thinks of others, is always aware of her classmates’ feelings, and takes joy when her fellow classmates get their Tater Buck drawn and get to be the Student of the Week. Sage is a bucket filler, resilient, and demonstrates a growth mindset when learning new things. Sage perseveres when a challenge arrives and approaches new learning opportunities with excitement. Sage is a rock star Tater Tot, an absolute delight to teach, and adds a little bit of sparkle and fun wherever she goes.