Olivia's warm and friendly demeanor creates a welcoming environment in the classroom for her peers. Beyond her academics, Olivia is a shining example of kindness and empathy.

- Olivia Snoderly, Pre K Early Learning Center


Connor is compassionate, respectful and trustworthy. He is so joyful and is always eager to cheer a friend up and lend a helping hand. He is always up for a challenge and never gives up!

- Connor Abston, Kinder South Ridge


Rex consistently demonstrates a growth mindset and challenges himself to reach new heights. He approaches his work with his best effort, always giving it his all. Rex is not only a great classroom leader but also a helpful classmate.

- Rex Manning, 1st Grade Union Ridge


Sebastian is one of a kind. He is funny, creative, thoughtful, and respectful. He works so hard and takes pride in doing his best. Sebastian is very masterful in taking what he has learned and applying it to new learning.

- Sebastian Bermudez, 6th Grade Sunset Ridge


All of Angel's teachers agree that he is a wonderful student, coming to school prepared to learn, with a positive attitude and is sweet and kind to everyone. Angel helps other students with their math work by modeling the answer, and he has a great sense of humor!

- Angel Euyoque, 8th Grade View Ridge


Jonathan's written work is thoughtful, engaging, funny, and very persuasive. His math work is astounding and he is so much fun to be around. Jonathan is a key player at Wisdom Ridge.

- Jonathan Kline, 8th GradeWisdom Ridge


Julian is driven and persistent, diligent and responsible. Moving here only 5 months ago he has integrated himself into the RHS community with his outgoing personality and respect for all. Julian was the first senior to complete his high school and beyond plan!

- Julian Aguilar-Mendoza, Senior RHS


Michelle's greatest strength is her ability to build strong relationships and connections with students. Her passion for meeting students where they are and helping them grow from that point highlights a student-centered approach, showing that she values each individual's journey and development.

- Michelle Lindbo, Para Educator, URES