As Ridgefield schools transitioned to online learning, there were many questions about how classes would change.  Art teachers had to think outside the box to teach students who might not have access to standard art supplies at home.  But the creative assignments led to some pretty amazing work, and Ridgefield art teachers decided to end the year with an online art show.

View Ridge Middle School art teacher Michelle Hankins explained how online art class went when it started.  “In my classroom, students keep a sketchbook, pencils, and an eraser in a cubby.  With the short notice, many students were not able to grab these basic classroom supplies.  But within the first week of online school students were posting drawings on lined paper and copy paper and trying art supplies they found around the house.” 

by Justin, Grade K (Union Ridge)

by Natalie, Grade 4 (South Ridge)

by Amanda, Grade 8 (View Ridge)

Even in challenging circumstances, the students came up with a wide range of interesting creative projects.  “Students have illustrated words, designed shoes, created sculptures from items in their homes, created land art, and created projects to represent their view on the environment,” Hankins said. 

The online art show came about because students were already using Seesaw, a secure website and app designed for remote learning and online connection, to share photos and videos of their artwork with their class and each other.  Art teachers at all of the Ridgefield schools decided to host an online art show to celebrate the students’ achievements.  We wanted to highlight the wonderful creativity of the students,” Hankins said.  “While students are at home without supplies and teacher support, we have all still found ways to be creative.” 

The online art show videos (divided into grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12) can be viewed on the Ridgefield School District website under Youth Arts Month at 

Congratulations to Ridgefield students and teachers for continuing to demonstrate the concept of Ridgefield Resilient, always finding new ways to achieve.

By Landon, Grade 7 (View Ridge)

By Alina, Grade 11, RHS