Take Home Chromebook Distribution

Am I required to take a Chromebook from the district?

No.  Chromebooks are available for any student in the Ridgefield School District, but if you have a device available at home and would like to use it instead, that is allowed. However, if you choose to not take a district device you will not be able to receive hardware support.

Should I fill out the form if I do not wish to take a district Chromebook?

Yes, we would prefer you fill out the form and choose the option for “I do not wish to receive a district device”. This will help us track who needs devices and who has chosen to use their own.  

Do I need to return a Chromebook I received as surplus from the district?

When the pandemic hit in the Spring of 2020 the district placed into surplus a number of Chromebooks that were going to be retired from the district fleet over the summer. The devices were given to families in need of devices to educate their children through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Because of this, these devices are no longer district property and should not be returned to the school district.

Will I need to return the Chromebook I receive as part of the district’s 1:1 Take Home initiative?

Yes, these devices remain district property and will need to be returned at the end of the school year. Details on the return process will be released to the public in the spring.

Can my student who has a license pick up their and their sibling’s Chromebooks on distribution day?

Yes, as long as the electronic form has been filled out before the cut off day (Aug 20th), a driving student can follow the same procedure as a parent or guardian to receive their Chromebook and that of their siblings.

If our family is out of town/working/unavailable on our designated pickup time but could make another one, can we pick up in another time slot?

We strongly encourage families to show up during their time slot as much as possible to ensure everyone can get their device in a timely manner. We understand that this is difficult for some. If a family shows up during the wrong time slot, there may be a delay in finding and getting them their devices, but they will not be turned away.

If our family cannot make any of the distribution dates, or if our family registered after the distribution began, will we be able to receive a device?

Yes, we will be working with families that request a Chromebook but are unable to pick it up on any of the scheduled dates. The district will send out details on how to make an appointment to pick up devices after the distribution event has completed.