Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will open Monday April 19, 2021

Please gather the following information before beginning the online registration process.

  • Student's state issued birth certificate
  • 2 proofs of residency documents
  • Transcript from previously attended school (if in grades 9-12)
  • Medically verified immunization records
  • Legal documents pertaining to child custody (if applicable)
  • Special programs documentation (HiCap/Gifted, IEP)
  • Foster Parents (School Notification Letter and Agency's Contact information)

Once you have all the necessary information, please click on the link below to begin online registration.

Please contact the Central Registrar, Tonia Rice, for assistance at 360-619-1315 or tonia.rice@ridgefieldsd.org

Building secretaries are available by phone and email. If you need in-person assistance, please schedule an appointment with them. 

Union Ridge Elementary School (Grades K-4) 360-750-7600, crystal.harris@ridgefieldsd.org

South Ridge Elementary School (Grades K-4): 360-619-1500, krista.harris@ridgefieldsd.org

Sunset Ridge Intermediate School (Grades 5-6): 360-619-1420, kim.babien@ridgefieldsd.org

View Ridge Middle School (Grades 7-8): 360-619-1400, sharon.bisila@ridgefieldsd.org

Ridgefield High School (Grades 9-12): 360-619-1320, roz.andersen@ridgefieldsd.org

In-district boundary transfers

Applications forms for In-District Boundary students requesting a transfer between Union Ridge and South Ridge Elementary Schools will be accepted April 6th through May 3rd and reviewed the first week of June. Applications received after the May 3rd deadline will be placed on a waiting list and may not be processed until the end of August. Transfer request for Kindergartners will most likely not be processed until late August. New students must register through their resident elementary school prior to applying for an In-District Boundary Transfer.

Completed In-District forms may be submitted (on or after April 6th) by mail, fax, or emailed to: tonia.rice@ridgefieldsd.org

choice Transfers

Any requests received before May 3rd, 7 AM, will not be processed. Only requests received on or after May 3rd, 7 AM, will be processed.

Ridgefield and our surrounding school districts have changed our process to collect theses requests. You will need to email your request to your resident district and to the Ridgefield Choice Coordinator (choicetransfers@ridgefieldsd.org). Below is a link to surrounding districts Choice Transfer page and the email to send the completed requests to, on May 3rd.

All requests should be completed promptly as space is limited. You must renew your Choice Transfer every year. If your student will be attending their designated school next year or you have an address change and now reside in the district, please call or email your school's secretary to report the changes.

We will begin accepting applications on May 3rd at 7:00 AM. You can email, fax, or mail in a copy of your Choice Transfer Request form on or after May 3, 2021. If you are not able to complete this process electronically, please email tonia.rice@ridgefieldsd.org for further instructions.

Requests will be reviewed the first week of July.

Please click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

Completed Choice Transfer Request forms may be submitted (on and after May 3, 2021 7 AM) in person, by mail, fax, or emailed to: choicetransfers@ridgefieldsd.org