Safety and security must be a top priority of any school system.  Students and adults need a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment to thrive. 

Thanks to our most recent bond, View Ridge and Sunset Ridge were built with safety as a priority and safety upgrades at our elementary schools have vastly improved the safety of our school community.

Ridgefield School District is one of only a few in the area that has a contracted security guards, rather than contracting with local police.  In addition, we have a close working partnership with the Ridgefield Police Department.

Visiting our Schools

Ridgefield School District recently implemented a Visitor Management System, from Raptor Technologies to keep students and staff safe by screening all visitors requesting access to school areas where students are present. 

All visitors are now required to check in at the school’s front office (in Building A for the elementary schools). If they will be accessing areas where students are present, they will need to provide a valid ID in order to obtain a visitor’s badge. Their ID will be scanned to check nationally registered sex offender databases for information that would indicate a potential threat to students or staff. If the scan flags such data, the system will summon the building administrator and security officer to the front office to speak with the visitor.

Visitors whose ID scans are cleared will be given a visitors badge, which will serve as their pass to be in the building. With the new screening process in place, parents who routinely walk their elementary school students to the classroom will need a visitor’s badge in order to do so.

A visitor’s badge will not be required if the duration of the visit takes place only in the school office.

Following are features of Raptor Technologies’ Visitor Management System:

  • Instantly screens each visitor against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states
  • Checks visitors against custom databases set by each school for custody alerts or banned visitor information
  • Keeps accurate and reliable records for every visitor entering the schools each day
  • Creates reports for entire districts and/or individual schools
  • Allows users to instantly alert a customized list of school officials and first responders in emergency situations

The Raptor Technologies’ K-12 Volunteer Management System helps manage our pool of volunteers.  

  • Automatically track the hours of every single volunteer in the school
  • Automatically submit volunteer application data for a complete background check
  • Keep vital volunteer information in one place for easy access
  • Create reports on volunteers quickly and easily
  • Make it easy for parents and community members to sign up to be volunteers and sign up for events