As part of its efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, Ridgefield School District uses a digital flyer delivery service called Peachjar, which provides a free online service for schools. School and school district-approved flyer are distributed through email and posted to a webpage, giving parents and others easy access to information about upcoming school activities, programs, and events. To learn more about Peachjar, visit their website at www.peachjar.com.

How ARE flyers distributed?

Individuals and outside organizations seeking to post or distribute information in schools must submit materials to Peachjar, our electronic flyer service provider at www.peachjar.com. Materials are then forwarded to the District Office for approval. The Assistant Superintendent or designee will review all materials submitted by outside organizations for distribution.

Dissemination of the information does not reflect the district’s endorsement or sponsorship of the activity. Peachjar will automatically include the following disclaimer on each flyer: The Ridgefield School District does not sponsor this event, and assumes no responsibility for it.

To Request Flyer DISTRIBUTION Approval

1. Visit the Peachjar registration page.
2. Register as a Program Provider (account type). 
3. Upload your flyer for approval.
4. Pay the service fee.