OSPI Report Cards

The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) maintains demographic and test score data for every district and school in the state. Below, we have provided you with the OSPI report card information for the Ridgefield School District as a whole.  

Please click on the links to the left for the specific OSPI report card for each school within the Ridgefield School District.  These reports will provide more detail about school performance, including disaggregated student achievement data.

If you would prefer this information in printed form, please contact the Assistant Superintendent of the Ridgefield School District at (360) 619-1302.

2016-2017 ResultsSBA ELASBA Math
3rd Grade71.5%74.9%
4th Grade39.0%58.7%
5th Grade63.2%51.1%
6th Grade62.9%63.6%
7th Grade70.7%60.7%
8th Grade64.5%56.9%
11th Grade78.5%40.3%
Grade LevelMSP Science
5th Grade68.8%
8th Grade77.2%
Grade Level *EOC Biology
10th Grade80.5%

Smarter Balance Assessment (SBA)

Smarter Balanced Assessments participation rates. Districts are required to achieve a participation rate of 95%.  Below is a table of participation percents at each building.

School English Language Arts Math
Ridgefield High School 81% 83.6%
View Ridge Middle School 98.5% 98.1%
Union Ridge Elementary 82.1% 98.8%
South Ridge Elementary 98.1% 98.4%

What is School Improvement?

NCLB requires the state and district to review annually the academic progress of federally funded Title I, Part A schools and to identify schools in need of improvement. Schools are identified as in need of improvement after two consecutive years of not making adequate yearly progress (AYP). Washington determines AYP by considering the following three measures:

  • The percentage of students scoring at the “proficient” or “advanced” level on the Washington Standards Tests for English-language arts and mathematics.
  • The percentage of students participating in those tests.
  • The graduation rate for high schools/unexcused absence rate for elementary and middle schools.

Does the Ridgefield School District have Identified Schools?

Yes, South Ridge Elementary School is in Step 1, Union Ridge Elementary School and View Ridge Middle School are both in Step 3.