OSPI Report Cards

Please note: State assessments were postponed last year due to COVID-19.

The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) maintains demographic and test score data for every district and school in the state. Below, we have provided you with the OSPI report card information for the Ridgefield School District as a whole.  

Please click on the links to the left for the specific OSPI report card for each school within the Ridgefield School District.  These reports will provide more detail about school performance, including disaggregated student achievement data.

If you would prefer this information in printed form, please contact the Assistant Superintendent of the Ridgefield School District at (360) 619-1302.

2017-2018 Results SBA ELA SBA Math
3rd Grade 78.2% 79.0%
4th Grade 74.7% 63.7%
5th Grade 70.9% 54.5%
6th Grade 69.4% 67.2%
7th Grade 63.5% 56.7%
8th Grade 65.0% 55.2%
10th Grade 82.0% 58.0%
Grade Level WCAS Science
5th Grade 62.4%
8th Grade 62.4%
Grade Level *
WCAS Science
11th Grade 50.2%

What is School Improvement?

School Improvement is a part of System and School Improvement and supports districts and schools that have been identified for improvement (e.g. Comprehensive, Targeted, RAD, etc.) by state and federal accountability processes. We provide technical assistance, resources, and support in collaboration with internal and external partners to these identified schools.

Does Ridgefield Have Any Identified Schools?

Yes.  View Ridge Middle School and Union Ridge Elementary School are both identified as Tier I: Target Assist buildings.