Lillian Edgren, 7th Grade

View Ridge is excited to announce that 7th grader Lillian Edgren is our choice for March student of the Month.  Kris Call, her math teacher had this to say about her:  “Lilly is the most polite, most courteous and most importantly, hardest worker in class.  She is always smiling. I truly wish all students had her persistence and ability to work with others.”

Lilly’s teachers say that she is a strong leader, participates in positive ways in her classes, has a positive influence on her peers, and is fully engaged and enthusiastic about her education. Lilly is thoughtful, reflective, supportive of her peers, exudes kindness and is welcoming to anyone and everyone.  For these reasons, and many more not mentioned, we feel that Lillian embodies View Ridge’s Heron Spirit and we are proud to recognize her as our March Student of the Month!  Congratulations, Lillian on a well-deserved honor!