November 2023 Employee and Students of the Month

On November 14, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the November 2023 Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting. Congratulations to all of this month’s honorees! 

Employee of the Month

Ben Eavenson, Math Paraprofessional at Ridgefield High School

If anyone can remember back to high school and think about the subject they struggled with the most, the first thing that probably comes to mind is math. Luckily for the students of Ridgefield High School, they not only have a team of teachers dedicated to their learning, but they also have Ben Eavenson.  Ben comes to work with both joy and enthusiasm, and a skillset of knowledge and patience that benefits everyone that comes in contact with him. When we asked Ben’s colleagues in the math department about him, here is how they summarized his impact: “Ben goes above and beyond every day. Ever since he first started and his job description was still being created, he was eager and ready to help. Ben has great relationships with students and makes a meaningful difference for those that need it the most. He is always up for whatever the math department needs him to do. For instance, the after-school tutoring program and the testing center are essential programs and would not exist without him. We are proud to call Ben a colleague and friend and think there is no one better for this award.” Ben is a true team player and advocate for students, and that extends outside the classroom as well. On any given night, you may see Ben at a school concert, play, game or match. Ben is a Spudder through and through and we believe he is so deserving of this honor.

Students of the Month

Jett Morales, Pre-K at the Early Learning Center

Jett Morales stands out as an exceptional individual within our school community. Jett can be found lending a hand and going above and beyond to make a positive impact on peers and teachers alike. His kindness knows no bounds, and his willingness to support his fellow students, whether academically or emotionally, is a testament to his outstanding character. His teacher says, "Jett is like our class big brother. He's always watching to see how he can help his peers. He's responsible for all of his duties and will help his peers with their jobs. He will give up an item if he sees his peer having a hard time. Jett is a super peer in our class!" In addition to his remarkable helpfulness, Jett exemplifies the qualities of politeness, respect, and positivity. He treats everyone he encounters with the utmost respect, displaying exceptional manners and consideration in all his interactions. His leadership and positivity are infectious and have a remarkable influence on the school's atmosphere, creating an uplifting and welcoming environment for all. Jett’s presence enriches our school in countless ways, making him a role model for us all. 

Davin Rieger, 2nd grade at South Ridge Elementary School

Davin stands out in so many ways and is a prime example of a South Ridge Road Runner. Throughout the school year, Davin has consistently demonstrated exemplary behavior and a genuine spirit of kindness and helpfulness. Davin has consistently shown a strong work ethic and a natural curiosity for learning. We have been particularly impressed by his eagerness to participate in class discussions and his ability to help his classmates. We are so proud of Davin and can’t wait to see him continue to grow. 

Novella Francisco, 2nd Grade at Union Ridge Elementary School 

Novella Francisco is Union Ridge's Student of the Month. Here is what Novella's classroom teacher Mrs. Sullens had to say about her: “Novella is very hard working while in school. She is respectful towards others and always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers. When things get tough, she shows resilience and maintains a positive attitude toward learning. Novella takes pride in her work and strives to always do her personal best.” Mrs. Roth and Ms. Murray, Union Ridge specialists, shared that they are impressed by Novella's compassion for others and her drive to always give her best.   

Kaiden Maeda, 5th Grade at Wisdom Ridge Academy

Kaiden came to WRA last school year and has thrived. One of Kaiden’s challenges is working through anxiety, and the small, personal nature of Wisdom Ridge, as well as the support of his WRA teachers and his parents allows Kaiden to access his educational program and focus on his studies. Not only is Kaiden doing exceptionally well academically, he is also doing exceptionally well meeting his other goals and objectives. His WRA teacher, Mr. Coulam, says Kaiden is “completely on top of his academics, makes every deadline, and is always on top of his grades.” He enjoys being able to go at his own pace, finish his daily coursework, and then focus on other activities that he enjoys. One of those activities is taekwondo, in which Kaiden has earned a yellow belt. Kaiden also enjoys math and science. After high school, Kaiden isn’t sure what field of work he’ll go into, but he does know that he wants to “make lots of money.” 

Claire Warren, 6th grade at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School

Claire is an excellent student and an exceptional young lady. She is an extremely hardworking student who will go out of her way to help someone, or to show friendship and kindness when someone is having a hard day. She always gives her best effort and works very hard to be successful. Claire has a passion for learning that makes those around her better. Claire is someone who you can depend on to get the job done and to help organize and lead when needed. We can always count on her to do the right thing whether an adult is watching or not. On a daily basis, Claire does what she needs to do with a sweet disposition. It is a true pleasure to have Claire in class and as a student at Sunset Ridge Intermediate. Her respectful attitude, dependability, resilient personality, responsible work ethic, determination, leadership, and kind heart make Claire the perfect choice for Student of the Month.

Isabelle Yost, 7th Grade at View Ridge Middle School

Isabelle is respectful, considerate, kind, tenacious, focused and very positive. Mrs. Call, Isabelle’s math teacher says, “She comes in very early to ask questions to better understand material, retake quizzes and tests that she wants to improve on. I am very glad to be able to have her in class this year.” Isabelle has a natural curiosity and positive outlook that helps her to always see the bright side. She is a great leader, genuine, inquisitive, reflective and thoughtful. She is quick to participate in classroom activities. Mrs. Stephens says that “even when other students are goofing off, Isabelle stays focused and produces insightful work.” People who know Isabelle say that she is a sweet and considerate person. Herons strive to be respectful, responsible and resilient! Congratulations, Isabelle, we know you will accomplish great things!

Tula Gervais, 11th grade at Ridgefield High School 

Imagine a little girl, moving to the United States (and even more specifically, to Ridgefield) from Costa Rica in 3rd grade. She knows English but is behind in reading, writing and math (through no fault of her own). The little girl is attentive in class, the hardest worker, responsible, and a friend to everyone.  Well, this little girl has grown into a student at Ridgefield High School who epitomizes what it means to be a Spudder. Tula Gervais, now an 11th grader at RHS, is our November Student of the Month. Students, staff, teachers, coaches – they all agree that Tula is a model student and athlete. She has taken multiple AP classes, has participated in tennis and volleyball and is a member of the National Honor Society. As if that wasn’t enough, Tula is fluent in Spanish and willingly helps new-to-our-school, non-English speaking students find their way around our campus and to their classes. Since she was once that student, she shows empathy to their situation and ensures they feel welcomed. Tula credits the staff at RHS, especially Mr. Biel, for creating positive relationships with students and a fun learning environment where students look forward to attending class. If she could give one piece of advice to a freshman, it is to “do everything possible to get the most out of your experience because it goes by really fast!” While you can find Tula traveling the world or hanging out with friends in her spare time, her favorite pastime is reading, and she says that romance and fantasy fiction are her favorite genres. Tula says her role model is her mom, “because she is patient, hard working, and has raised me to treat others with respect and compassion.” In the future, Tula hopes to go to college for business in hopes of taking over her dad’s marine life research and conservation company in Costa Rica. The world truly is your oyster, Tula, and we are lucky to be part of your journey. Congratulations on an honor that is so well deserved!