On May 11, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the May Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting.

Employee of the Month

Christine Pozzi, paraprofessional at South Ridge Elementary School, is May’s Employee of the Month.  Christine is an amazing member of the South Ridge family.  She is so wonderful with the students—compassionate and firm.  She thinks creatively about how to solve the problems and always has a good attitude.  She’s also proactive—noticing things that could/would create a barrier for students’ or staff members’ success--and works hard to find solutions to prevent them.  

Last fall, we opened our Learning Support Center (LSC).  Christine did an amazing job supporting our students.  She looked for ways to enhance the learning experiences of the students in the LSC, whether it was getting some high-interest books at their level or pulling additional resources to provide them with mini-interventions.  Christine supports English language learners here at South Ridge, at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School and at View Ridge Middle School.  It is so awesome to watch the way the students are learning and growing with her support.  She is always thoughtful, kind, persistent and consistent.  We are so thankful that Christine is part of our South Ridge community!

Students of the Month

Georgia Beeks was selected at the Early Learning Center.  Georgia approaches each day with a joyful heart.  She LOVES to see her classmates and teachers.  She looks out for her friends and is always the first to reach out with a welcoming smile and an invitation to join the play and activities.  She is compassionate and is often overheard saying, “Sometimes I need help, and that’s what helps us learn.  Do you want me to help you?”  Georgia asks good questions and always has an interesting fact to share during read-alouds.  She participates with enthusiasm and is eager to learn.  We are so proud of Georgia!

Mickayla Darcy, a fourth grader, was selected at South Ridge Elementary.  When we think about what it means to be a Roadrunner who is resilient throughout our year of pandemic learning, Mickayla comes to mind.  She is an amazing young lady!  Learning remotely has its challenges for younger learners, and Mickayla has risen to the occasion.  She comes to Zoom class every morning with a smile on her face, ready to learn.  She is full of determination and does not let the challenges of this school year get in her way.  Mickayla pushes herself to always be learning by taking on extra projects.  She is a wonderful peer mentor to other students and has impressed her teachers many times with her kindness and her desire to help others.  We are so proud of Mickayla!

Kaidence Matthews was chosen at Union Ridge Elementary as May’s Student of the Month.  Kaidence is in Mrs. Stamp’s kindergarten class.  She has shown resilience and perseverance during this difficult year of learning during a pandemic.  Kaidence excelled in online learning.  She was always focused, ready to learn and eager to share ideas.  In her transition to in-person learning, she continues to demonstrate these qualities.  Kaidence comes to school each day excited to find out what she will be learning and often has a story to share with her teacher!  She loves helping her classmates whenever they have questions or need help.  Kaidence exemplifies what it means to be a Tater Tot by being Responsible, Respectful and Resilient.  Kaidance’s teacher, Mrs. Stamp said, “It has been a pleasure watching Kaidence learn, grow, and have fun in kindergarten this year!”

Chloe Craft, a sixth grader, was selected at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School.  Chloe is always a pleasure to have in class.  Kind and thoughtful, she is happy to share ideas, answers and questions or sit back and allow other students the chance to speak.  Chloe is resilient--willing to work hard when something is hard to understand.  She doesn’t give up or lose hope.  Chloe’s teacher, Mr. Thayer said, “Chloe is an inspiration to my students and my colleagues, and I’m happy to say that I think Chloe would be a great representative as Student of the Month for Sunset Ridge Intermediate School!”

Amelia Natterstad, a seventh grader, was chosen at View Ridge Middle School.  Amelia is an asset to the classroom.  While regularly completing excellent work and making insightful contributions to classroom discussions, she assists and motivates the students around her as well.  Her presence lightens the mood and drives conversations forward in discussions.  She often strikes the perfect balance between productive, content-focused comments and community-building side comments.  Amelia offers answers, helps others when appropriate and asks questions if she doesn’t understand a concept.  She leads by example every day.  Amelia has a bright sense of humor and finds joy and laughter in everyday situations during class.  She is very personable and shares great examples in class discussions.  She is a great example for her peers to follow in terms of her work ethic and in the way she treats others.  She is also a genuinely happy person.  Amelia deserves this recognition for her hard work and determination throughout the many changes that have taken place this school year.

Hailey Betts, a junior, was chosen as Ridgefield High School’s May Student of the Month.  Staff members describe Hailey as “a joy to have in class” and “an incredibly resilient student”.  Another said “she shows gratitude and appreciation every day.”  Hailey’s story is remarkable and inspiring.  During her middle school years, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  Her parents’ desire to seek the best medical care for their daughter prompted a move from Las Vegas to the Pacific Northwest.  From their home in Ridgefield, they commuted to and from Seattle where Hailey underwent multiple surgeries.  Hailey enrolled in RHS in her freshman year.  She has undergone a total of four surgeries for her dysplasia.  Although she missed a lot of school, she was able to keep up with her assignments.  Said one teacher, “When she came back, it was as if she hadn’t been gone.”  Now a junior, Hailey enjoys her youth group, game nights with her family, and being a part of the RHS bowling team.  She also enjoys art and graphic design and hopes to study digital art and design at Washington State University Vancouver after high school.  Hailey’s demonstrated appreciation for the staff at RHS, her kind ways and her resiliency in the face of adversity are the reasons she represents RHS as the May Student of the Month.

Special thanks to the local office of James Schmeling at Allstate Insurance Company, the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation and Ridgefield Boosters for sponsoring the District’s recognition program this school year.