This year, a total of $4,362,092 in scholarships was awarded to graduates in Ridgefield High School’s Class of 2021.  The figure, tallied by the school’s High School & Beyond office, comes from awards information reported by RHS’ graduating seniors.

While the majority of the scholarships were awarded by colleges and universities that the seniors plan to attend, many awards came from local organizations whose generous assistance each year help to finance the post-high school endeavors of many RHS graduates.  “Our students are very lucky to have the support of such an amazing community,” said Amy McKenna, High School & Beyond program coordinator.

Highlighted below are the local scholarships awarded to graduates in Ridgefield High School’s Class of 2021.  Congratulations!  

Ridgefield Boosters Scholarship

Breanne Freshour

Levi Hipple

Tegan Petersen

Nick Radosevich

Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Gabriel Berkey

Ridgefield Lions Club Scholarship

Mackenzie Dewey (Super Senior Award)

Levi Hipple (Super Senior Award)

Tegan Petersen (Super Senior Award)

Noah Altman

Sydney Anderson

Breanne Freshour (Don Fergen Vocational Award)

Megan Masters (Starfish Award)

Levi Hipple (Robert Hyatt Spudder Spirit Award)

Ridgefield School District #122 Mary Christian Jones Trust Fund

Levi Hipple

Ben Poppert

Ridgefield Education Association Scholarship

Kohana Fukuchi

Jaynie Murray

Matthew Romero

Megan Whetsell

Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation/Price Foundation Scholarship

Breanne Freshour

The High School & Beyond Plan, which is required for graduation, provides guidance and technical assistance to students and their families throughout high school with extensive focus in the senior year.  With assistance from counselors, students formulate plans that help ensure success after high school.