Collage of the employee and students of the month for November 2021

On November 9, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the November 2021 Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting. Congratulations to all of this month’s honorees!

Employee of the Month

James Ruiz, Connection Center Mentor at South Ridge Elementary School James Ruiz is the Connection Center Mentor at South Ridge. James started as a volunteer parent who liked to hang out on the playground during recess. James then became our lead recess paraeducator, and has spent the last several years teaching our students how to be respectful, responsible, and resilient on the recess yard. The kids love Mr. James! He uses the right combination of tough love, kindness, compassion, and empathy with students and they love him for it. Now as the Connection Center Mentor, he gets to use all of his skills in even bigger ways. His ability to build relationships and develop trust with our most difficult students makes him such an enormous asset at South Ridge. 

Students of the Month

Carly Jackson, Early Learning Center Carly is always happy and positive and brings light to the class. She is a thoughtful and reflective listener, often finding connections to her own life to enthusiastically share with others. She is helpful and kind to her peers. When a new student arrives, she's the first one to welcome them and eagerly invites them into play, conversation, and all things preschool-related. She makes room for every friend and looks for ways to include others. This level of kindness and empathy is remarkable and something Carly should always be proud of. It's a joy to watch Carly interact with her peers and teachers. When I asked her friends why Carly is a special Hash Brown, they remarked, "Carly is very nice. She always smiles and I think she cares about us". When she's busy with learning and projects, Carly has a focus that is not easily distracted and she is elated to explain everything when sharing her ideas and work. We're proud of you, Carly! You're a wonderful example to all of our Hash Browns! For all of these reasons, Carly is our Early Learning Center Hash Brown Student of the Month for November.

Koa Robinson, 2nd grader at South Ridge Elementary School Koa has shown tremendous perseverance and resilience as he tackles this new school year. After learning a new skill, he immediately implements his new learning to help him succeed whether this be on a tricky math problem or reading a big word! He is always quick to help a friend in need, keep the classroom clean and tidy, or make our entire class giggle! Koa is full of great ideas, is a wonderful friend and an incredible student. We are so lucky to have Koa as South Ridge's November Student of the Month! 

Weston Cornelius, 2nd Grader at Union Ridge Elementary School 
If you asked Room 11 which student is always polite, always respectful, and always works hard, without a doubt, they would say it is Weston. In fact, that is exactly what has happened. His peers frequently comment about those character traits Weston demonstrates on a daily basis. Weston's teacher also shares that she, too, notices his caring, hardworking, and respectful way of being. In addition to those admirable traits, Weston advocates for himself and shows his desire to learn and grow to be the best he can be. He is curious, has a playful sense of humor, and is a friend to all. Weston is pursuing premiere for himself and his future. Congratulations to Weston Cornelius for being Union Ridge’s Student of the Month!

Robert Hull, 6th Grader at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School Sunset Ridge is pleased to announce Robert “Bobby” Hull as our November student of the Month. Bobby is an excellent student and an exceptional young man. Bobby is selfless, caring, and hardworking. He puts the best interests of others ahead of his own. He is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. He consistently helps tend to the safety of our classroom at the end of each school day by cleaning his area and others. Bobby has a passion for learning and makes those around him better. His respectful attitude, amiable demeanor, and responsible behavior make Bobby the perfect Coyote for Student of the Month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate.

Andrew Soare, 8th grader at View Ridge Middle School Eighth grader We are excited to announce 8th Grader, Andrew Soare, as our View Ridge Student of the Month for November! One of Andrew’s characteristics is that he is engaged in his learning. His teachers commented on his enthusiasm, ready participation, dedication, thoroughness in his work, insightful discussions, as well as his respectful interactions in class. His compassion, empathy and helpfulness toward his classmates sets an example for all. When presented with a challenge, he perseveres and puts forth effort to be successful. He is musically talented and uses that to grow as an individual. Andrew shows a level of maturity that is rare for his age group, and is an example of a dedicated work ethic and effective time management. He has a great sense of humor and is a joy to have in class. 

Morgan Harter, 12th Grader at Ridgefield High School ASB President. 3.9 GPA. Four-year varsity volleyball player for the Spudders. University-bound scholar-athlete. TWO state championships on her résumé. All-around great human being. It is for those reasons and many more that senior Morgan Harter has been selected as the November Student of the Month. Morgan is described as a student who is "concerned about the well-being of our students and is working hard to learn how to help students get what they need" to be successful members of the student body at RHS. In Morgan's role as ASB president, student participation in events and student pride in their school is higher than ever before. Morgan didn't fall far from the parental tree. Her mother was the Ridgefield High School ASB president during the 1988-89 school year and was instrumental in encouraging Morgan to run for the same position. Morgan is most proud of her accomplishments on the volleyball court, helping the Spudders to win back-to-back state championships in her freshman and sophomore years. During her time on the RHS volleyball team, the Spudders have won 72 consecutive matches (probably more by the time this is read) and are rated number one this season. She is also proud of keeping her head up during the difficult times of COVID and accepting the leadership to help the students at RHS to overcome their challenges and find their place at RHS. After high school, Morgan will be playing volleyball for Northwest University and will study business finance, hoping to go into accounting and eventually be a CFO. 

 Josephine Rehley, 5th Grader at Wisdom Ridge Academy Josie really shines for pushing through challenges and forging a path forward toward excellence. Learning online is a rigorous endeavor, requiring a tremendous degree of self-discipline and dedication. As a pre-professional dancer and choir member, life is busy and tiring, but Josie works hard to balance her dynamic lifestyle, prioritizing her learning and excelling in her academics. On top of this, she attends Enrichment class during the week, and regardless of her mood or energy level, Josie comes willing to take risks and to show kindness and absolute respect for all of those around her. It is a pleasure working with Josie, and we are certain she will continue to do great things this year and beyond.