January 2022 Students and employee of the month

On January 11, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the January 2022 Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting. Congratulations to all of this month’s honorees!

Employee of the Month – Maggie Butler, District Office

The Ridgefield High School administrative team nominated Maggie Butler as Employee of the Month. It’s not just Maggie’s incredible knowledge of data systems and her support of district schools with all things data that makes her an exemplary employee, it is her willingness to always help with our countless questions about data gathering and Skyward. Once, Maggie was asked if she ever gets a question that she does not know the answer to. Her answer? “Not very often…” Maggie is always professional, always knows or can find the answer we need, and always helpful. To sum up the work she does, one teacher recently said, “Maggie is so helpful. She spent 54 minutes on the phone with me yesterday helping me. I just want to go down and buy her a dozen roses.” That was the very first interaction that teacher ever had with Maggie, and that’s a typical example of how she is always willing to help. 

Early Learning Center – Chloe Keur, Pre K 

Chloe is one of our number one helpers at the Early Learning Center. She is first to eagerly volunteer for anything the teacher asks. If there's a job or anything that she notices that needs to be done, she quietly steps up and helps. She has amazing listening skills and works very hard to focus on each new activity and lesson.  Chloe has the biggest heart. She loves her friends and teachers and brings out her sunshine smile at every opportunity. It's hard to stop smiling when Chloe is in the room! She starts her day with the same warm greeting, "Hi friends!" She is resilient and continues to persevere even when things aren't easy and especially when she knows it's meaningful to her. Chloe is a true joy to have in our community classroom! All of these reasons and more are why Chloe is our January Student of the Month at the Early Learning Center. You make us proud to have you as a Hash Brown, Chloe!

South Ridge Elementary School – Jaunty Berber, Grade 2

Jaunty Berber is a true Roadrunner. She gives her best effort every chance she gets. Jaunty is expressive both when she is feeling happy and when she is not. She is a self-advocate who stands up for herself and politely asks for a fair deal. She helps others near her when her work is done. She adds to our class discussions and her logic is pretty solid! Jaunty has made great growth this year due to her perseverance. She doesn't stop until the job is done and she is willing to correct mistakes and add details. She truly adds to our classroom community!

Union Ridge Elementary School – Emmett Anderson, Grade 3

Emmett Anderson is an excellent example of what it means to be Student of the Month. Over the past few months he has worked hard to persevere through tough lessons and projects, shown to be responsible with his learning by being motivated to complete assignments and homework, and shown to be a good friend to those around him. He is a hard worker, respectful listener, helpful partner, and kind student. By modeling the three Rs on a daily basis, Emmett has improved himself academically, socially, and exemplifies student of the month qualities. Emmett is an all-around Tater Tot and we are so proud to select him for student of the month.

Sunset Ridge Intermediate School – Addison Tingley, Grade 6

Addison Tingley is Sunset Ridge’s January student of the month. Addie truly represents the three Rs. She is responsible - she comes to class each day prepared for the day. She has her materials and a growth mindset. She knows her schedule and when she needs to be somewhere else. She is resilient - she gives her best every day and does not give up. She seeks help and understanding when unsure. She is respectful to students and staff. Addie often steps up and helps others when she notices a struggle. She does this without any coaxing. This takes away from her work time and she is still able to complete all of her work on time. She is friendly and patient when working with others. Addie is a true rock star!

View Ridge Middle School –Alina Akimenko, Grade 8

View Ridge Middle School is pleased to announce that eight grader Alina Akimenko has been chosen as our Student of the Month for January. Alina is an exemplary student whose work is always of the highest quality, whether it’s an assignment, activity, or assessment. She is an accomplished and dedicated student who finds ways to challenge herself and seeks help when she needs it. Her teachers say that her attention to detail and thoroughness is outstanding. Alina is a quiet leader who contributes to a positive and productive classroom environment, a devoted friend and an asset to our school community. She is willing to do anything that is asked of her to help the class. Congratulations, Alina! This award is well deserved.

Ridgefield High School – William Boyd V, Grade 12

Ridgefield High School selected a student of the month who represents resilience and hard work in a variety of learning. William Boyd is an interesting student who has demonstrated academic improvement as a result of the pandemic. William moved to Ridgefield in 6th grade and admits that he has always struggled in school. He spent the first year and a half as a Spudder struggling with motivation and focus and confesses that “I didn’t put in enough effort.” Many students do not come back from that. He credits the change in scenery in spring of 2020 as helping him learn to focus. Additionally, in 10th grade he heard about Cascadia Tech Academy as a great option for him as a junior and senior. William said “I had taken Woods and Metals classes at the high school and they were good classes for me because I’m a hands-on learner.” He has progressed through credit recovery and several summers of summer school. During the second semester of 10th grade, when the pandemic started - a noticeable trend shifted on his transcript. William has not failed a class since. He has figured out what it takes to be a successful student and is working hard now as a senior. Additionally, William has joined the Cascadia Tech construction program. He will graduate with his class this June with experience in home construction and a plumbing apprenticeship underway. We are so proud of all that he has overcome and the resiliency William has demonstrated.

Wisdom Ridge AcademyBethany Strand, Grade 10 

The Wisdom Ridge Academy teachers and staff are extremely proud of Bethany and her continued academic success. Bethany has truly embraced remote learning in the past few months. She can be counted on to set weekly goals for herself, and exceed them by managing her time at home effectively. With a busy home life, we are consistently impressed at Bethany’s ability to persevere and hold herself accountable. Her communication with staff is always respectful and professional. Bethany consistently produces high-quality work in all of her courses. We know that remote learning can present unique challenges, when these challenges arise, Bethany effectively and proactively communicates with her instructors and Wisdom Ridge staff. Having Bethany as part of our Wisdom Ridge family is a true pleasure. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bethany as she journeys through the rest of her high school career.