On Friday, November 4, students at Union Ridge Elementary, from kindergarteners to sixth-graders, took part in the school’s annual Dance-a-Thon, a school-wide fundraiser supported by the school’s parent group, Parents Together Organization (PTO). Every year, families and community members sponsor the students for the event. The students gladly take part, knowing that in the 30 minutes they get to spend on the “dance floor”, they are also helping to raise money for their school and having a great time doing it.

“The students mimick a dancer projected on a screen. Even the shyest of students were enjoying the music and moving to the beat!” said Kelly Macdonald, principal. “A big thank you goes out to the wonderful community of Ridgefield for all of their support.”

The Dance-a-Thon fundraiser is, by far, Union Ridge Elementary’s most successful. This year was record-breaking, with over $14,000 committed. Benefits from the event will be used to purchase needed equipment and fund school-wide activities.