District Goal 3

Provide collaboration and communication opportunities with families, staff, and the community resulting in strong partnerships.


  • Certificated staff will have weekly collaboration time to discuss instructional techniques and analyze student learning.
  • The district will communicate with stakeholders in multiple languages.
  • Share and seek feedback on instructional programming, student support and extended learning opportunities with parents and patrons.
  • Increase opportunities for parents and patrons to be members of the school improvement planning process at each building.
  • Maintain a budget development process that aligns resources with improving student achievement.
  • Communicate with staff and stakeholders in a timely manner utilizing a variety of tools that promote two-way communication.
  • Provide opportunities for parents and patron involvement at all schools.
  • Establish educational partnerships to leverage enhanced opportunities for all students.

Measurement of success

  • All schools will engage in two-way communication across a variety of electronic and printed media on a monthly basis.
  • With district insight and support, complete a budget process annually with input from staff.
  • Allow for financial control at the lowest level feasible.
  • Continue partnerships with community groups to support and sustain levy and bond initiatives.
  • Increase in number of student, staff and community celebrations of success.
  • Long-term district plans including technology plan, capital facilities plan, etc, will create partnership opportunities for parents and community members.
  • Annual increase in the number of community and business partners collaborating with the district.
  • Report to the Community, published and distributed annually, will continue to provide detailed student achievement, attendance and demographic data.